Taken By Design: Photography at the Bauhaus and the Institute of Design

Lecture Presentation
Where: Farnsworth House Visitor Center
Date: April 28th, 2:30 PM
Cost: Free Admission (does not include access to Farnsworth House)

In conjunction with the ongoing Bauhaus-Archiv exhibition, photographer and co-author of “Taken by Design: Photographs from the Institute of Design, 1937-1971” David Travis will be offering a free presentation at the Farnsworth House Visitor Center.
Although photography was practiced by teachers and students from the beginning of the Bauhaus, it was only taught as a separate subject at the very end of the school’s existence in Europe. Even after László Moholy-Nagy founded the New Bauhaus in Chicago, photography was not a separate major. Nevertheless, as the school progressed, the now-Institute of Design came to adopt the discipline as a concentrated course of study and produced an extraordinary number of talented photographers who dominated the art and education scenes in American universities and colleges.
David Travis’s lecture will trace this remarkable history with special concentration on how the playful work from the German school came to be the foundation of the serious study of this important 20th century art form.