Every Line is a Decision: The Life and Legacies of Peter Palumbo 

March 16, 2022—December 17, 2023

Join us as we jump into the Palumbo years (1971-2003) with a new interpretive wall and introductory film in the Visitor Center. This also marks the return of Miesian furnishings to the House accompanied by some of Lord Palumbo’s art and accessories, as they appeared c.1999.

Photo by Robin Hill

The Edith Farnsworth House is excited to host DAVID WALLACE HASKINS: LANDSCAPE + LIGHT, an ongoing exhibition by our current artist-in-residence that began in November 2021 and continues through the end of 2022. The exhibition includes: Image Continuousa new large-scale reflective glass sculpture from the artist’s Skycube series situated in the woods on the path to the house. The Memory of Glassa new architectural intervention in the house that transforms its glass walls into 12 resonating planes of sound. And Stone Landinga new clearing along the fox river that includes a handmade bench, a matched pair of hand-tuned 8-foot bass wind chimes, and a sculpture from Haskins’s new Stone Kōan series which he made from the original travertine stone that covered the lower terrace of the Edith Farnsworth House from 1951-2021.
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